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What is Radiator Coolant ?

Radiator Coolant transfer heat to reduce high temperture in engine system.

Can we use tap water instead of radiator coolant?
No, because there are minerals and ions in tap water. It may cause of rust and corrosion of parts in the system.
Can we mix between tap water and radiator coolant?
No, because the Golden Cruiser Long Life Coolant is ready to use, if added more water, it will reduce the concentration and performance will be reduced also.
When the coolant level has drop, Can we top up ?
You can top up by same type of current coolant.
When do we change or replace coolant?
The replacement cycle of Gloden Cruiser Premium LLC is 4 years or 80,000 Km. and Gloden Cruiser LLC is 2 years or 40,000 Km.
What are the advantages of using coolant?
The main component of coolant is Ethylene Glycol, which has a high boiling point, It can be prevent overheat occurance in the car engine. In addition, there are additives and inhibitor for anti rust and corrosion protection properties.
Why we need to use Gloden Cruiser Long Life Coolant?

The Golden Cruiser uses anti-rust additives with excellent heat resistance and oxidation resistance, so it maintains a strong anti-rust and anti-corrosion effect over a long period of time. It prevents trouble due to corrosion of the cooling water system with outstanding durability.

What is the suitable ratio of coolant?

We recommend Golden Cruiser Long Life Coolant Pre-mixed 50%. The recommended coolant concentration is 30%-50%. When we replace the coolant, it will has remaining water or old liquid in the system that cause of concentration of the new replacement coolant reduced. Therefore, it is recommended to use coolant 50% concentration suitable for replacement and best coolant performance.

brake fluid

What is Brake Fluid ?
Brake fluid is a liquid that acts as an intermediary to transfer power when we press the brake pedal. The pressure on the pedal is transferred through the brake fluid to the brake system to stop wheel drive.
What are the properties of Brake Fluid ?

It must have a high boiling point, Anti-corrosion performance and it can be used in both high and low temperature conditions. It is compatible with water, not separate layers, as brake fluid is easy to absorb moisture and it must be able to work properly with all parts of the brake system.

How many types of brake fluid and How it is different ?

Brake Fluid has their own standard, also known as DOT. A mixture of different chemicals makes it possible to have different boiling point values, both Boling Point and Wet Boiling Point. In the general market, we can find DOT3 and DOT4.

How to choose Brake Fluid ?

Refer to Owner’s Manual when adding or replacing brake fluid. DO NOT mix with other brake fluid. Eventhough brake fluid DOT4 has a higher boiling point, but it is also high moisture absorption properties. Therefore, in tropical zone, Brake Fluid DOT4 replacement time is not so much different compared with Brake Fluid DOT3. Brake Fluid DOT4 is suitable for heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks and motorcycles which more moisture is absorbed.

When do we change Brake Fluid ?

Replacement cycle is 2 years or 40,000 Km.

Why do we need to use Gloden Cruiser Brake Fluid ?

Golden Cruiser Brake Fluid has passed Japanese Industrial Standard. It is made from quality raw materials and there are additives that protect against corrosion. Therefore, it can work well with parts in your brake system.